Cowboys Saints preview! Crunk in Dubai Bentley Dealership museum! Rohana Wheels color & Tiresticker

A quick trip through the largest Bentley dealership in the world located in Dubai color match for Rohana wheels Bentley GT 3R tire sticker package


  1. rick fedorick

    November 29, 2018 4:06 pm, Reply

    If we can run we have a shot. Dak has accounted for 13 tds ( 8 passing/ 5 rushing ) with just one int his last six games. Lets hope the defense can play like they did earlier this year. The defense has become very passive since the Titan game. My heart hopes Dallas 31 Saints 30 tonite. Having said that, keep in mind a victory over the Saints gets Garrett an extension. Being a Dallas fan today is tough.

  2. IQ Logic

    November 29, 2018 5:17 pm, Reply

    COWBOY CRUNK! rolling with the BIG TIMES. That’s the way to do it CRUNK!. IF you can’t be in the game, then watch it from the classiest place with all the amenities. Now all we need is a Big Time Cowboys win to top up your experience. Let’s go Cowboys!!!

  3. bigpoppa 1967

    November 29, 2018 10:16 pm, Reply

    Sean Payton vs. The PECKER (Garrett) and NUTCRACKER (Linehan). This is where the Cowboys game is won….or lost.

  4. my name is 905

    November 29, 2018 10:43 pm, Reply

    I drove tons of Bentleys over the years from the Phantom when there was only 50 in the US when they 1st debuted from the base model to the half million dollar job and the funniest thing I found in all of them was their stereo systems were terrible! hope they fixed them ,wouldn’t want their bottom line suffering. lol! Cowboys all the way! glad you’re living the good life my man!!!☆☆☆

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